DNC, RNC, God and Politics

by romprakash

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the Values Voters conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week there was quite the commotion over the Democratic Party omitting “God” from their party’s current platform. It even reached the level of spectacle when they attempted to reinsert “God” back in on the Convention Floor. They eventually did so, even though the party genuinely appeared split on this issue.

Being politics, this wasn’t the end of the incident. Gleeful Republican commentators pounced on this story as an illustration of how “ungodly” the Democrats are. However, the self-appointed “party of God” has much rotten in its own spiritual house.

But before we turn to the Republicans, let’s look at the Democrats in more detail. Some say that the convention was split 50/50 over support for ‘God’ in the platform. Now, what do we think the level of support would have been if the word”God” was replaced with “Jesus Christ”? I’d guess that the response on the floor would overwhelmingly have been negative!

You see, this is the problem! Our culture grudgingly puts up with this nebulous concept of ‘god’ that can encompass such diverse conceptions of a god as the Triune God of the Bible, Allah, Thor, etc. These various conceptions of god all differ and are at odds with each other!

So it is a sham to have the word God in your platform if you are not going to identify who this God is.

Now, that brings me to the Republicans. The Republicans, as noted earlier were having a virtual field day with this development. But here too, we have a problem. They consider themselves the “godly” party, but I would wonder, what would happen if Jesus Christ were on the party platform instead of this generic “God”? How much smaller would the Republican coalition be? Pretty tiny is my guess.

And on top of all of this, they have chosen Mitt Romney to be the candidate to represent their party. Here is a man whose religion denies the Triune God, denies the Doctrines of Salvation held by the Christian Church, creates new “scriptures” from the imaginations of a convicted con-man (Joseph Smith), and generally is about as brain dead of a religion as one can choose to follow. From a Biblical Perspective, this man is a Heretic. As an aside, I’d love for Romney to show up to a Native American group and try to tell them that according to his religion, that they are all really Israelites!

Fun with Mormonism aside, when we understand the role of the Civil Magistrate – as one who is a deacon of God (Romans 13:4, often translated servant), this becomes much more sobering and even upsetting. As Christians who are living in a Constitutional Republic, God has providentially given us authority over our Civil Magistrates. They rule based upon our assent! And if these men are to be ministers (Romans 13:6) and deacons (Romans 13:4) of God, how can we hand over a heretic to be God’s appointed servant?

Now, I understand that the majority of Civil Magistrates in this current age are probably apostates, pagans, heretics and atheists. But the Christian in the United States has a unique charge, as God has given us the power to appoint the Civil Magistrate through the ballot box.

This is why I think it is very dangerous for us to appoint an avowed heretic who disavows the Lordship of Jesus Christ to rule over us. We potentially will be enabling an enemy of God to rule over us.

Should we pray for the salvation of Mitt Romney and his family? Absolutely. But until Romney repents and turns to the real Jesus Christ and not the imitator found in the Book of Mormon – I will not cast a vote in his favor. My first allegiance is to my King, and it is very clear that neither the Republican or Democratic Parties currently acknowledge His Rule.